Quality Cultured Marble

VinylWrapped Urns

We're proud to offer our high quality cultured marble urns now finished with a vinyl-wrapped process – giving your loved one's final resting place a fresh, unique and personalized touch.

Size: 7-1/8" wide x 9-3/8" length x 61/2" height
Volume: 200 Cubic Inches

U.S. Patents No. 9,775,760, No. 9,827,158
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cardinals and berries

Heaven's Messenger

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Lovely shades of blue, displaying gentle doves soaring through the sky. Delicate roses grace the ends of this unique urn.

Mourning Dove

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American Honor

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The Barnwood vinyl-wrapped urn shows the deep red and mahogany colors of aged boards with black and earthy brown tones while the rich grain detail dances around the design.


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Last Catch

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Hunter's Dream is a sportsman's paradise! The design's deep black, brown, green and earthy tones capture the depth of the woodland with various images of leaves, branches and the forest floor.

Hunter's Dream

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Nature's Retreat

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Our Petals of Peace vinyl-wrapped urn showcases a beautiful array of blush pink roses and petals throughout the design. A very popular choice for those afflicted by breast cancer.

Petals of Peace

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