Quality Cultured Marble

VinylWrapped Urns

We're proud to offer our high quality cultured marble urns now finished with a vinyl-wrapped process – giving your loved one's final resting place a fresh, unique and personalized touch.

Size: 7-1/8" wide x 9-3/8" length x 61/2" height
Volume: 200 Cubic Inches

U.S. Patents No. 9,775,760, No. 9,827,158
Our most patriotic urn, American Honor,  reflects love for one's country and one's flag with images such as the Statue of Liberty standing proud in front of a waving american flag, a keen-eyed eagle against the backdrop of our Constitution, an eagle appearing to be bowing and an eagle soaring through the sky with the colors of red white and blue used prominently throughout the design.

American Honor

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The Barnwood vinyl-wrapped urn shows the deep red and mahogany colors of aged boards with black and earthy brown tones while the rich grain detail dances around the design.


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Our most devout urn, Faith, is a beautiful array of peaceful blues, pinks and tans. One side shows a single line of footprints along a sunny shoreline beside a rosary delicately placed on a set of Bibles. The other side of the urn shows a pair of doves rising into the sky next to a crucifix shining in the sunlight. The top of the urn presents a beautiful clouded sky with beams of sunshine pouring through.


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Our Last Catch vinyl-wrapped urn is truly a fisherman's delight! The main design shows our fisher at his favorite lake spot right at sunrise. The opposite side shows a large mouth bass on the line and the smaller sides showcase a well-loved tackle box and favorite lure. The top of the urn's design is of crystal clear water.

Last Catch

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One of our most popular vinyl-wrapped urns, Hole-In-One, captures the joy of the game of golf. The main side shows a ball on the green at sunset just waiting for that final putt. The various images present a beautiful course featuring a water hazard, a set of golf clubs and a pair of golfers walking to the next hole. The top design of the urn shows a golf ball just about to fall into the cup for that coveted hole-in-one shot.


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Hunter's Dream is a sportsman's paradise! The design's deep black, brown, green and earthy tones capture the depth of the woodland with various images of leaves, branches and the forest floor.

Hunter's Dream

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The glory of nature can never be overstated! Our Nature's Retreat vinyl-wrapped urn captures the essence of nature's mighty power with a beautiful image of a black bear on one side and a young buck standing in a meadow on the opposite. Large billowing clouds decorate one end while the opposite end and top display the thick branches of the forest.

Nature's Retreat

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Our Petals of Peace vinyl-wrapped urn showcases a beautiful array of blush pink roses and petals throughout the design. A very popular choice for those afflicted by breast cancer.

Petals of Peace

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